Horse Back Riding

Horse Back Riding 4 Ruins (4Hrs).

  • DAILY DEPARTURES !!! (2 person Minimum).
  • Choose your preferred departure date on the Calendar (Leaving Dates) then fill it out with your details and all the requested.
  • Write us the name and address of your hotel for your pick-up at 8:45 am the date of your tour.

FIRST GROUP at 09.00 am SECOND GROUP at 12:00 pm The landscapes between Yuncaypata valley near Tambomachay Inca Complex and Saqsaywaman are spectacular and offer amazing views of the mountains toward the sacred valley region crossing the old Inca road to Pucamarca and Huchuy-Qosqo. Deep Andean valleys as well as the 4 famous arquelogical sites of this region Puca-pucara,Tambomachay, Qenqo and Saqsaywaman once used as a great "House of the Sun" temple, before the arriving of the conquistadors.
Temple of the moon and the monkeys cave are on route.
From this area as well you can see the majestic Ausangate snow mountain looking toward the south.


Day 1:

At 8.50 am meet at SAS office. We take private transport to the Ranch near Qenko and get set up with our horses and meet the horseman who will walk with you through the extent of the trek until Saqsayhuaman. Departing from the ranch takes you to the ruins of Qenko. You will get a wonderful view of the ruins, but if you would like a closer inspection, then you need the tourist ticket. The horseman will mind the horses while you explore. After passing those ruins you will follow a small dirt path, alongside a road, up to the next site, Puca Pucara, which transelates to “The Red Gate”, and is called that because it was used as the controlled entrance to the city of Cusco in the days of the Incas. You will pass just by the ruins as you are on your way to Tambomachay, which was something of an Inca “bath house”, and was also used for the worship of water. Then you will begin your return , passing through a eucalyptus forest on the way. Finally, before you reach the ranch, you will pass by the famous Inca temple, Saqsayhuaman, which is where the Incas worshiped lighting. Our service ends at Saqsayhuaman so you can take as much time as you want at this extensive and most spectacular site.


  • Our Price: US$ 30 per person.
  • Select the month and date and click on the Calendar the Departure Date (Leaving Date) of your preference.
  • Please write us name and address of your hotel for your pick-up at 08:30 am.


What is Included  

  • Transport to the Ranch from SAS Office
  • Horse with basic equipment
  • "Horse Man" (non english speaking) to lead you at walking pace.

What is not Included  

  • Entrance fee to Tambomachay, Saqsawaman, Qenqo and Puca pucara 70 Soles (Partial Tourist Ticket -Boleto Turistico) 40 Soles with ISIC student card. OR Cusco Tourist Ticket (130 soles approx US$45, valid for 14 places included the Sacred Valley of the Incas.)
  • Transport return back to town ( Direct 15 .20 mimnutes walk down to town) Taxi for 10 Soles.
  • Small daypack
  • Water bottle
  • Camera
  • Sun hat/cream
  • Boots or Sturdy walking shoes
  • Pants are recommended not shorts
  • Rain poncho in case wether are cloudy.





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Available all year 2024/2025.
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